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Heartland Concrete has a track record of providing High Performance Volumetric services to a variety of clients over a diverse range of projects and applications. Heartland Concrete’s Rapid Set Concrete, Latex Modified Concrete, Rapid Set Latex Modified Concrete, and various Portland Concrete mixes have been independently tested by multiple testing agencies on a wide array of projects.


Rapid Set Concrete

Baltimore Washington International Airport Runway

We poured 1,960 yards of Rapid Set Concrete for conduit trench closures and runway light foundations. Heartland Concrete was not only able to deliver the High Early Strength Concrete that was specified but we also kept our trucks standing by on the runway until the contractor was ready for us to pour (sometimes for periods as long as 4 hours). The project schedule initially ran for 8 straight weekends with a 27 hour window to pour followed by a 60 day runway closure.

Reagan National Airport Runway Lighting Improvements

Heartland Concrete partnered with an out of state General Contractor to pour 789 yards of Rapid Set Concrete and 250 yards of 4,000 psi concrete over a 18 month period for conduit trench closures and runway light bases at night while the runway was closed for this rapid return to service project.

VDOT I-95 Richmond Bridges

The General Contractor and Heartland worked with VDOT to change the specification from magnesium phosphate to Rapid Set Concrete resulting in lower material and labor costs without sacrificing quality. The project required 466 yards of Rapid Set Concrete for closure pours, back walls and continuity joints on ten different bridge replacements. The lane closures were at night from 8 PM to 6 AM. Because the Rapid Set Concrete requires less than 2 hours to achieve opening strengths the contractor was able to accomplish his demo and prep work with maximum production efficiency.

Ready Mix Volumetric Concrete

Army Corps of Engineers Poplar Island Restoration

Poured 90 yards of 5,000 psi, Marine Grade Concrete for work platform pads that provide a stable base for large dredges to work. This project was a special application that could only be performed by a High Performance Volumetric Mixer delivery method as the pour was on an island located 34 miles south of Baltimore in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay with no road access. Traditional Ready-Mix solutions would not work so our team created a system to mix and supply all concrete onsite utilizing barges and several support vehicles.

Lincoln Manor-Richmond Affordable Housing

The contractor chose Heartland to deliver a total of 343 yards of concrete due to our ability to change our mix on site. This allowed them to pour 4,000 psi on handicap ramps and immediately use the same truck to pour 3,000 psi on sidewalks and pads.

White Oak Center

The contractor saved money by using our High Performance Volumetric Mixers on this slow moving project to pour 410 yards of 3,500 psi concrete for 386 light pole bases. Our volumetric mixers allowed the contractor to pour up to 10 yards off of one truck instead of ordering 2 yards per truck on multiple Ready Mix trucks.

Richmond International Airport Duct Bank Project

The General Contractor chose Heartland Concrete’s High Performance Volumetric Mixers to deliver 300 yards of 3,000 psi concrete due to his inability to determine the amount of concrete needed because of the varying trench depth and width and the varying amount of conduit inside each duct bank.

West Broad Village

 After a large number of Ready Mix loads were rejected because the contractor was losing loads due to the extreme hot and dry weather the GC hired Heartland Concrete’s High Performance Volumetric Mixers to supply 1,800 yards of fast setting 4,000 psi concrete with great success.

Latex Modified Concrete

VDOT RTE 301 Bridge over the Rappahannock River Latex Overlay

One of Richmond’s largest highway contractors selected Heartland Concrete to supply Rapid Set Concrete (70 C.Y.) for patch repairs and Latex Modified Concrete (580 C.Y.) for the bridge deck overlay. The contractor ran into unexpected delays that pushed his schedule back 3 months into December. Heartland maintained 100% schedule flexibility to enable the contractor to take advantage of the few days when the temperatures were 50 degrees and rising.  Both VDOT and the contractor were very pleased with our team’s focus on getting Phase One completed prior to year end.