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Our advanced technology combines the industry's best pour process with the best products.


Our High Performance Volumetric Concrete is produced through a specialized process. The entire process takes place on site in our custom Volumetric Mixer trucks. The trucks pack in all the ingredients for your mix, and produce your mix on site, allowing for great flexibility in amounts and ingredients.

Because our process is completely portable, we mix your concrete on site in seconds. Your mix can be adjusted instantly and small pours are no problem.

Learn more about our process in the video below.

VDOT Approved

Our High Performance Volumetric Mixers have met the requirements set forth by Virginia Department of  Transportation in accordance to the 2007 Roads and Bridges Supplemental Specifications, Section 217.05 

For more information and the specifics of this specification, please refer to the file below.

Road and Bridge Section 217


We specialize in two types of mixes: Rapid Set Concrete and Latex Modified Concrete.

 Rapid Set Concrete

This is a Very Early Strength (VES) concrete used on projects requiring a rapid return to service, such as highways and airport runways. We thrive with narrow windows of work completion. We minimize the contractor's risk by staging with more equipment and materials than are required. Rapid Set's ability to reach 3,000 PSI in one hour permits the contractor extra time to demo and prep the site for greater production efficiency.

 Latex Modified Concrete

This is a concrete in which latex has been added. The addition of latex to unmodified concrete allows the proper viscosity to be achieved in the mix using less water. This type of mix gives you a cured concrete that has a higher compressive strength. Latex Modified Concrete also resists oil, salts, and water, and helps new concrete bond to old concrete.